Touching Lives

One local nun shows that a physical disability can't keep you from touching the lives and hearts of others. Kaylani Annamraju has devoted her life to helping the less fortunate, first from crutches and then from a wheelchair.

Optimism, faith and strength, all qualities that come straight from the heart, qualities that Kaylani Annamraju has shown from the slums of Calcutta to the streets of Tallahassee.

From the vantage point of a wheelchair, she sees goodness all around.

"It is really the presence of God in people. Everywhere there's goodness and there's so much of it all around," Kaylani says.

As a child, polio took the use of Kaylani's legs; but becoming a nun in Mother Teresa's order gave her wings.

"Personally my work was mostly with abandoned children. Children that could not be owned up by the young parents, children born out of wedlock," says Kaylani.

As her disability became worse, Kaylani moved to the U.S. and got a master's degree. Lynn Piccolo of Vocational Rehabilitation helped Kaylani find work.

"She truly cares for people, she enjoys helping. That's her true lifeblood, is to be able to assist people in other ways to see them successful," says Lynn Picollo.

Kaylani now works for the clearinghouse on disability information bringing services and help to the elderly and disabled.

"When you make the human contact. If that person feels respected, cared for. I think that in of itself is a change," says Kaylani.

If love were a job, Kaylani Annamraju would be a millionaire.