Bush Budget Proposes Higher Tuition for Career Students

University students who take too long to graduate will have to pay out-of-state tuition. Come this fall, Craig Conrad will be a fifth year senior.

But time may come with a price tag for Conrad and other university students in Florida if a proposal by Gov. Jeb Bush goes through.

Students who take more than 110 percent of what's required by them would have to pay out of state tuition.

“Given the enrollment problem. It’s important for students to get on track in four years’ time,” says John Thrasher, FSU Board of Trustees Chairman.

The proposal also calls for students to be charged for 15 credits regardless of whether they take 12 or 18.

“The average student takes 12 and half credit whereas in 1978 they took 15 since we switched to per credit students take less hours,” says Steve Uhfelder, Board of Governors.

While many students feel cheated, others are in favor.

“For those, like I said, who just want to take their time and party, I think they should suffer the consequences and pay extra,” says Christie Pesce, an FSU junior.

“I know what I want to do now, and I've got to pay extra for that?” says Craig Conrad, an FSU senior.

FSU personnel say out-of-state tuition is typically three times more than in-state tuition. The proposal will have to approved by the legislature.