Deadly Poison Found on Capitol Hill

News of a deadly poison found in Washington, D.C. had some folks at a local post office on alert, but others aren't worried a bit.

"Don't worry about it, it's not that big of a deal. We can't sit around and worry about that kind of stuff all the time. If it's going to happen it's going to happen," says Jacob Evans.

LT Gerald Duggar with the Tallahassee Fire Department is first on scene when a strange package comes through post office. His HAZMAT team has scanners with a built-in library that ids suspect liquids powders and solids.

"If it in the library and it cross-references. It will tell you what the closest match is to what ever is in the library, or it will tell you it's an unknown," says LT Duggar.

On the state level, Ron Tuttle with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement runs a secret warehouse that was set up post 9/11 to thoroughly screen items going to the capitol complex and other state buildings.

"Ricin concerns me because there is no antidote, Should you inhale it, or be injected with it, you could potentially die from it," says Ron.

One important note to add, LT Duggar with the Fire Department says the scanning machines they have aren't able to pick up ricin or anthrax, and so if there is a substance that can't be identified by their machines, then they call in the Health Department.

Ricin actually comes from toxins secreted from a castor bean, the same bean used to make castor oil. If a person, inhales, swallows or injects ricin they're in big trouble, because there's no know cure.

Ricin is so deadly that about one milligram or about the size of the head of a safety pin can kill a human.