Center Offering New Counseling Program for Children

A new outreach program in south Georgia will get troubled families the help they need in the privacy of their own homes.

Debbie Loftiss is a mother of two and knows how important it is for children to get the emotional support they need and she says it's particularly difficult if you have a child with special needs who needs special care.

For those children and their families, Debbie and case manager Thalia Diggs have started up a new home-visit program through the Vashti Center, called the Multi-Agency Team for Children Wraparound, or MATCH.

"Eventually I think it will be any child but for now we're going to receive children that just came from a residential placement," says Thalia Diggs, a case manager for the MATCH program.

The MATCH program isn't just an effort by Vashti Center staff. The reason it's called a wraparound is because they're asking other members of the community to come in and help out.

"We gathered together lots of different folks, agencies, businesses and churches to surround families with the care they need," says Debbie Loftiss, Director of the MATCH Wraparound Program.

Organizers hope match will be a way to coach families through their problems while they're together at home and nip troubles in the bud before residential treatment is necessary.

MATCH organizers will be looking for volunteers in the near future. For more information, call the Vashti Center at 229-226-4634.