Obesity: A Community Searching for Answers

They're offering healthier foods and trying to cut down on calories.

Lorrie Adams is now 105 pounds lighter after having her stomach stapled. The cafeteria manager at Roberts Elementary says she was overweight at birth.

Adams tried every diet out there and says she took the drastic step after realizing she was heading down the road towards diabetes like her mother.

Students dealing with obesity often become the victim of jokes. Cameron Mosley says until he slimmed down, he felt the sting of the one-liners. Now, he proudly wears a pedometer to help him walk off the calories.

Cafeteria manager Lorrie Adams says improved food preparation at Roberts is helping kids keep the weight off.

Wednesday in the final part to our series on obesity, Tony tells us how a Tallahassee family turned their health crisis into a joyful triumph.