Banning Violent Video Games

The video game Grand Theft Auto made national news over the game's language late last year. Now, Florida lawmakers want to ban the sale or rental of Grand Theft Auto and other games deemed violent to anyone under age 18.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the best selling, most popular video games among high schoolers, but the head popping, blood spurting violence was a shock to some state lawmakers when they saw it for the first time.

But a total ban isn't going to happen, so a bi-partisan group of legislators want to prohibit anyone under 18 from being able to rent or buy games that carry a mature or adult classification.

The bill has tough penalties; a felony in some cases, which retailers say is overkill. Some stores are already limiting sales and rentals. The industry says all will by the end of the year.

Lawmakers say they will push ahead anyway, but the kids who are playing the games say the worry about them being influenced by the violence on the screen has nothing to do with reality.

Under the bill, parents would still be able to rent or buy the games for their children. Lawmakers will consider the violent video game bill during the legislative session that begins on March 2. If it passes, Florida would be one of the first states to impose limits on the sale of video games.