Pregnancy Center

Members with the Pregnancy Help and Information Center are breaking in a new building and lending a helping hand to new parents.

Dietra Bradham is holding her three-month-old son Jacob. Bradham already has a 19 and a 23-year-old, but admits after having her first two, there's still a lot she's didn't know about pregnancy, that is until now.

"They help me to know what's going on in my body. It's very important for a young lady to know what's going on in their bodies, so they can feel more comfortable with it," says Dietra Bradham.

A wall displays success stories of those like Bradham who've come to the Pregnancy Help and Information Center and received help. Now, located in a new building on South Gadsden Street, the center is a "second home" for young mothers and fathers.

"Through our educational resources, we're showing them what it's like to actually parent hands on."

Connie Moore, the center's director, can personally relate to her clients because Moore herself gave birth at a young age.

"Chad would have been 31 years old, this year. Chad only lived for three days because I was a teen mom and I didn't get the care that I needed. Chad was born premature and had not developed his lungs," Connie Moore says.

Moore hopes her story serves as a lesson to young parents like Josh Thomas and his wife as they raise their 14-month-old and another child on the way.

"They've told us different techniques to raise the babies when they're crying what to do, what to expect and it really prepares you before you have your child," says Josh Thomas.

The center serves some 1,200 clients each year, and about 120 of them are young fathers. A grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Gadsden Street center will take place Wednesday, February 18 at noon.