Bogus Check Ring Busted in Southwest Georgia

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Investigators have been working on the case since January and they finally got the tip they needed to move in. A search of the suspects’ house turned up four computers and several bogus checks.

Donte Jenkins and Eric Dye are charged with forgery. The two are suspected in making counterfeit checks that have been cashed from Waycross, Georgia all the way to Enterprise, Alabama.

LT Tim Watkins with the Thomas County Sheriff's Office said, "Counterfeiting checks is a lot easier because these were legitimate businesses in the community. They had legitimate addresses. Sometimes they had legitimate routing and bank account numbers."

Four computers and several ripped up checks have been recovered from Jenkins' home. Investigators are still trying to locate a laptop they believe was used to make these bogus checks. So far ten people have been arrested in this case.

Investigators say Jenkins and Dye would make the checks and distribute them, paying approximately $100 to whoever spent each check and pocketing the remaining amount.

BJ Patel is just one of the many victims in this case. He cashed a counterfeit check worth more than $400.

"We're just losing from our pocket because when we cash check from customer, that check was, she come in and she had no money for gas. I cash the check for her. I do favor and I lose money from my pocket."

Patel has since bought check scanning equipment to help protect himself from these types of scams, but even larger companies like Wal-Mart and Publix were duped in this case.