Wildfire Burns Through Northern Lowndes County

A wildfire burned through 300 acres of woodlands near the Lowndes County - Cook County border.

"It was so black in here it looked like a real bad thunderstorm. It was so dark," says Assistant Hahira Fire Chief Justin Ply.

More than 60 firefighters responded with 25 vehicles and a helicopter to the area.

One firefighter describing the blaze said it sounded like a freight train coming out of the woods.

The fire endangered as many as 10 homes at one point.

"The wind has changed multiple times already, and making it shift in different directions will make it harder to combat," says Hahira Fire Chief Dwight Bennett.

Firefighters from several different agencies used these ponds to help pump water to put out the fire.

Even though 90 percent of the fire was contained, several trucks stood guard by each home, to, "Just protect the structures from any ambers or radiant heat from the fire," Ply said.

No injuries were reported, but it was a close call for residents who began the evacuation process.

"I always wondered what I would take first. I took my photo albums first and then my important papers and I was just waiting," says Kathy Cooper, who lives near the fire.

Investigators say if someone started the fire without a burn permit, the may face major fines.