Police Chase Down Two Suspects: One Still at Large

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Police attempted a routine traffic stop, but the driver of a Nissan Altima sped off. The car stopped on Creek Road where the three passengers bailed out of the car and took off on foot. The suspects ran through bushes and across a creek before the police trapped two of them.

"I saw the cop car loop around put the sirens on. Then I looked back towards the north side of me I saw the car go like maybe a quarter mile back down stream, down the road. Then a cop car came then that's when I heard a lady officer say get down," said Jason Kelly, an eyewitness of the events.

Tallahassee Police saw the three suspects earlier in the day engaged in what they say was a drug deal. They were looking for their car and when they saw it, officers made their move. Taurean Clark and Eddie Johnson were arrested. The third person in the car escaped pursuit.

"He remains at large. There will be some follow-up investigation into his identity and where he might be from," said LT Chris Summers of the Tallahassee Police Department.

Police found hundreds of dollars on Clark and Johnson. Johnson faces drug charges and both men are facing the consequences for trying to get away from the police.