Budget Approved for Frenchtown/South Side Revitalization Project

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John Passmore is a young entrepreneur who's been detailing cars at his home on the south side for two years now. It's a job and a passion, one he hopes will prosper with more commercial development in the area.

"It would probably bring more business to the community. The front would be better and people will come into the community instead of ya know, shying away from it thinking it's a bad place to come" said Passmore.

He's talking about Tallahassee's south side and is among many who will benefit from the approved $1.8 million budget, to fund several projects in the area.

"One hundred and fifty thousand dollars for the Frenchtown Community Credit Union, $500,000 for the EDA or economic development administration, and $600,000 for a variety of what we call land programs" said Rick McCraw, Community Development Coordinator for the City of Tallahassee.

Budget funds will also provide more affordable housing so more residents will have a new place to call home.

"This place used to be rundown; it's looking much better now, ya know. The place is much safer, so in that cause you can bring people back to the area that won't be afraid to live and be in the community" said Theodore Smith, a Frenchtown business owner and resident.

Even with all the progress made, residents still say more needs to be done.

"Maybe clean up the community a little bit, redo some of the sidewalks around here, start paving it, and redo the roads," added Passmore.

Over the next year residents can expect building renovations, new underground utilities in Frenchtown, and some small business grants to help local owners get their companies up and running.