The Search for Carlie Brucia

The search for Carli is now in its fifth day, and that could soon begin taking a toll on police.

The Sarasota Sheriff's Office came under criticism when it waited nearly 24 hours from the first report of Carli Brucia's disappearance until s videotape surfaced and an Amber Alert was issued.

Gov. Jeb Bush asked state law enforcement officers to look into the delay. For an Amber Alert to go out, local law enforcement must ask for it after an investigation concludes there has been an abduction or that a child is in danger. It is often a judgment call.

FDLE Commissioner Guy Tunnel says Sarasota sheriffs were being prudent. As the investigation continues, stress levels are building for not only parents, but police as well.

Jim Sewell literally wrote the book on police stress after he helped investigate Ted Bundy's killing spree in Tallahassee.

Police say the suspect in the kidnapping, 37-year-old Joseph P. Smith is not cooperating with questioning and has so far not been charged with Brucia's kidnapping. He is currently being held on probation violation charges.