Jefferson County Schools Search for Mentors

As WCTV found out, the need for mentors in that rural community has reached a critical stage.

LT William Massey is a Jefferson County sheriff's deputy, but for one hour a week he trades in his gun for a book, mentoring some of Jefferson County's most valuable assets, children.

"They might be from a single family home and not as fortunate and a lot of times they like that interfere with their learning just a lot of kids that need help," says LT William Massey.

Marcus Huggins is one of those kids who says he needs help. He's been pleading with school administrators to find him a mentor.

"They make me stay out of trouble and not fight nobody. They can help me stay focus with my work,” says Marcus Huggins, a student.

But so far only a few Jefferson County residents have answered the call.

"Everyday we're asking someone to come into our schools come and mentor because it's so important that these children get what they need, a mentor working one-on-one as a friend that's very important," says Sandra Saunders, mentor coordinator.

An important task for school administrators as they try to change the future one child at a time. If you would like to mentor a child in Jefferson County, please call the school at 342-0340.