Rise in Spirituality Trend

There's a new trend on college campuses around the nation, and researchers say it’s not about partying or taking five years to graduate. Instead, they're seeing a rise in spirituality.

FSU is hosting its 14th conference on student values and this year's theme centers on the rising trend of spirituality.

New York University professor Patrick Love says it’s not necessarily about religion. The exact reason students are asking the bigger questions is not known, yet some point to 9/11, war and cultural curiosity.

Marguerite McClinton, an FSU Student, says, “I think students are trying to figure out their values and it’s not easy when you see so many things going on in the world today.

With more than 100 colleges represented at this meeting, administrators say its imperative they know how to relate to students.

“We know they don't separate academics and spirituality, so it’s important to know what the students are experiencing, feeling,” says Jon Dalton of the FSU Center for Student Values.

FSU has partnered up with UCLA to work on a national study on college spirituality.