Murder Charges Filed

Murder charges have been filed against Joseph Smith, the man accused in the kidnapping of an 11-year-old south Florida girl. Carlie Brucia's body was found during the night at a church not far from the car wash where her abduction was caught on surveillance.

The murder of Carlie Brucia outraged state officials, including Gov. Jeb Bush.

“For any mom or dad to think about how to lose a child this way is just sad and I'm angry too that people do these things."

Suspect Joseph Smith had a long history of drug convictions when he was arrested on cocaine charges just a few days after his release from prison January 2003. Florida has slashed funding for drug treatment in prison by more than $10 million over the past three years.

Florida Alcohol and Drug abuse Association Director John Daigle says inmates with drug problems are more likely to commit additional crimes if they aren't treated.

The Department of Corrections has developed effective programs that significantly reduce recidivism and we need to fund those programs.

The governor obviously recognized cutting drug treatment in prisons could be a problem when he proposed restoring those cuts in this year's budget, but he bristles at suggestions the state may in any way be responsible for this crime.

“If someone kills, strangles a 12-year-old child, abducts a child and strangles a child, that's not because of drug addiction, that's because he is sick."

Jeb Bush says he is concerned that parole violators like Smith are not routinely locked up if they re-offend. He says they belong in jail, not on the streets. Gov. Bush says overall spending for drug treatment has increased 60 percent in Florida over the past five years.