Survey Shows More Students Are Bored in Class

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A yawn in the classroom, a head on the desk, and eyes on the clock are just a few ways students are making time pass during the school day.

Corey McGuire is a senior at Leon High School and said, "I'd had days where I sit in class and I say, ‘oh man, when is it gonna ring?’"

Saved by the bell, but not by boredom.

A new survey by Indiana University Researchers shows daily classroom boredom at the top of the list for many students.

Susanna Zorn is a junior at Leon High School and said, "Teachers are really routine sometimes, they don't keep the subject interesting, they just get up there and stick to the schedule and don't change it up."

Not for teachers like Rod Durham, who says his own excitement about what he teaches, keeps his classroom alive.

"We need to stay motivated and innovative and not fall into a rut, cause if we fall into that than certainly they feel it and they don't want to participate and be part of the class," said Rod Durham, a teacher at Leon High School.

Lorrie O'Dell teaches English and added, "I try and gage my classroom experience with what I liked in high school and I teach the way I wanted to be taught, and we have a lot of fun."

Moving from the traditional teaching style to one that's more engaging is at least keeping these students away from boredom, and on the ball.

The research also reveals more than just boredom. Half of the students surveyed said they have skipped school without a valid excuse and more than one in five has considered dropping out of school.