Local School Locked Down After Possible Child Abduction

A Tallahassee elementary school was locked down Friday after police respond to a call about a possible child abduction nearby. The call came from Tallahassee Memorial where an eight-year-old child claims a man tried to grab him.

Tallahassee police are still trying to confirm the child's story. Tallahassee police cars lined up outside the emergency room at Tallahassee Memorial Friday morning.

An eight-year-old boy claims a man in the restroom clamped his hand over his mouth until he bit the man and ran. Tallahassee police investigators say they have reviewed surveillance tapes, interviewed folks in the emergency room and talked at length with the boy and his family, but say they do not know what happened in that bathroom.

As officers investigated, Kate Sullivan Elementary School was placed in lockdown. It's just two blocks away.

Bill Montford, Leon School Superintendent, said, "What we're trying to do is make sure parents and teachers know that we are doing everything possible to make sure our kids are safe. If that means going into a lockdown all day, we'll do that."

Tallahassee police refused to comment on camera for this story. They have classified it as "suspicious incident", not an attempted abduction, and say they are still trying to confirm the details of the child's story.

Two other schools near Kerry Forest Parkway were locked down just last week after an 11-year-old boy says he was confronted by a man in a car. Tallahassee police called that a suspicious incident as well because they had no way of knowing the man's intent.