FAMU Hosts Relay for Life Cancer Walk

Friday, people like three sisters who are all cancer survivors were walking at Florida A&M University for those diagnosed with cancer and in memory of those who've passed.

The sisters were diagnosed with cervical cancer at different times in their lives, but they've now come together to share their stories.

"All three of us when we had our physicals, all had abnormal pap-smears and just kind of put it off and thought nothing of it, but you really need to check kit out," says Virginia Gray.

"Because we didn't, and we thought we were young and we got time, by the time we really got diagnosed and everything, we had cancer," adds Sandra James.

Sheryl Johnson died from a combination of lung and breast cancer in 2000. Now, her son "Chip" is walking the Relay for Life in her memory.

"When my mother first got cancer, I didn't know much about it. Six or seven years, and the four years that she passed, I've learned so much. It's so important for people to come our and support, not only my mother, but every one else out here," says Chip Johnson.

As of 4:00 Friday evening, more than $20,000 was raised for the fight against cancer, and through Saturday morning, hundreds made the walk at FAMU.

Fernando Porter is placing luminaries along the track in memory of those who've passed on.

"It's real key that people are aware, and not, oh it can't happen to me because cancer really can happen to anybody. It kind of like sneaks up on you," says Fernando.

Porter says the goal of the walk is not only to raise awareness, but to show support for those still struggling with cancer.

Friday night, Relay for Life participants held a special candlelight vigil for cancer survivors and those who died from cancer. Participants walked throughout the night and wrapped up Saturday morning at 9 a.m.