Seven Days Replacement

Organizers had to make changes to the schedule when one of their openers disappeared. A ferry to Staten Island is the last place Spalding Gray was seen alive.

It's been almost a month and still no word on writer-actor Spalding Gray. Known for his help with "The Killing Fields", "Beaches", and Monster in a Box", the 62-year-old remains on the missing persons list. After several attempts at suicide, family fear the worst and has urged anyone planning for an appearance to move on.

Organizers say they have found a positive side to the unfortunate mystery behind Spalding Gray. They have rebooked Capitol Steps and they say so far it looks like it may be a sellout crowd.

Capitol Steps origins are kind-of interesting because here we were Senate staffers making fun of the very people that employ us thinking well, they might fire us. While Capital Steps may be a bit different, it caters to the same audience, and while the disappearance of Spalding still looms large in the minds of everyone, organizers are hoping that we could all use a look at the lighter side of life, and a little laughter.

Family and friends of Spalding Gray say he left messages and notes saying goodbye, as well as clues that he would jump off the Staten Island Bridge.