Wakulla Mysteries

A group of experienced divers and educators are hoping to save that crystal clear water found in Wakulla Springs. The quality of water is slowly decreasing as more people move to town.

This Florida Jewel isn't for a novice diver. Below the surface of Wakulla Springs lies deep dark tunnels-known to divers as the Mount Everest of caves.

Skip Macelhannon, a Woodville Karst Plains diver says, "It's a pretty advanced dive-no one else in the world is doing this.”

Scuba divers like Skip are spending 12 hours 300 feet below the ground. The mission: to place seven oceanographic meters inside the cave for Florida's Department of Environmental Protection, a park that supplies most of the areas drinking water, (with sprawl occurring from Tallahassee to the Gulf Coast). Researchers fear pollution is worsening.

They say planting these meters is the first step in a long project to get Wakulla Springs looking crystal clear. Florida State University scientists along with other state and local entities are combining efforts on this project.