Priest Resigns

This week in Tallahassee, controversy has caused a priest to resign his post.

"I'm very much at peace", were the words of Reverend Dennis Ackerson just days after becoming the first priest to resign from the Florida Diocese and the Church of the Holy Spirit because of the issue of a gay bishop.

Reverend Ackerson says, "The real underlying issue all along has been the authority of the word of God. We feel like the leaders in our denomination continue to dilute God's word."

Ackerson has been displeased with the Episcopal Church ever since last falls decision, and had drafted a resolution for the Church of the Holy Spirit to leave. But the resolution was thrown out before it could be discussed. The decision was a struggle for Ackerson knowing that he would be leaving a lot of friends, but in the end, he knew this was what he needed to do.

Many from the congregation have already said they will join Ackerson in starting over, but it remains to be seen what this split will do to the church. Ackerson's new church is hoping to join another area of the Anglican Church.