Ammonia Spill Over

Residents on Glenwood Drive say there were more questions than answers Saturday night, after being forced out of their homes as authorities secured the area to contain an alleged leak of anhydrous ammonia from a refrigeration tank at a nearby prestige ice company.

Heather Wilson says, "Being that it's your home and that's where you need to go and you can't come home and you don't know why, it was scary."

Drew Dalton adds, "We were scared for our animals, two of them were outside."

Though the cause of the leak is still unknown some residents went about their day as normal Sunday afternoon.

"Well, it was a little unnerving but I felt secure that the authorities were on top of it," says Jackie Stewart.

But after living in the area for a little more than two years, Heather Wilson says unanswered questions raise more concerns about her family's safety.

"It makes me wonder if this is where I want to be. Do I want to put a lot more money and effort into my home,” says Heather.

A home and neighborhood she loves, and hopes a sense of normalcy will return again. The owner of Prestige Ice was not available to speak on camera, but Eyewitness News spoke with him over the phone. He says it was not a mechanical failure that caused the leak and he is working with officials in the investigation.