On the Road to Recovery

We have an update to a story we first brought you last month about a Haitian teenager who was flown to Tallahassee for medical care. The 14-year-old girl has undergone surgery on one of her crooked legs, successfully conquering half the battle.

“She's looking wonderful, not hurting so we disconnected the IV with pain medicine.”

Pam McKenzie is just one of the many volunteers from American Home Patient in Tallahassee paying visits to Milode Roseme, making sure the Haitian teenager keeps on smiling.

“She's so sparkly and beautiful, it's great to see her doing so well,” said McKenzie.

Doctors say Milode is half way there. Last weeks surgery to fix one of her crooked legs went as planned. Dr. Dewey at the Tallahassee Orthopedic clinic performed the operation. By forcing the bones to healing, doctors say Milode will soon be walking on what feels like a new set of legs.

“Those are her goals to be like one of the girls back home and get an education,” said Dr. Woodie Smith, the team leader of operation walk.

Milode never made it through the first grade. Her condition before left her with little options, Now there's hope on the horizon thanks to a little Tallahassee care. Milode will have surgery on her left leg in two weeks, then it's rest and rehab until she returns to Haiti in less than three months.