Refuge House

A local program aimed at helping battered women is in need of money.

The Refuge House is the only program in the Big Bend that provides women and children with domestic violence intervention and sexual assault programs. Refuge House directors say they're working harder than ever to end violence against women, but money is always a problem.

"This year we served about 6,800 women and children, which is pretty astronomical when you consider there's only about 35 of us spread over eight counties," said Kelly Otte, Refuge House Executive Director.

"It's hard, you're growing, trying to expand your services and at the same time you're doing it with restricted funding and with funding that, well it’s not limitless and sometimes the need seems limitless,” said Karen Price, Special Projects Coordinator.

Refuge House officials say they're still at least $50,000 short of covering this year's expenses, but the Refuge House is one step closer to reaching its goals this weekend thanks to some dedicated organizations.

Saturday morning 60 people sweated their way around FSU in a 5-K run/walk to benefit the Refuge House. Women's law symposium of Florida State put on the event and those who competed were more than happy to dish out the entry fee.

“I'm definitely glad the money is going to something good. I can run for free any time but if I'm going to pay for it, I hope it's going to something that's a good cause,” said runner Ben Wilder.

A few hours later a Tallahassee preschool held an art show, serving up some delicious spaghetti for those who attended. Organizers were able to write out a check for $750 to give to the Refuge House.