Couple Attacked in Jefferson County

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3-1-07 - Neighbors in a quiet Jefferson County community of Lloyd are taking extra precautions tonight after two gunmen attacked a couple in their home last night. Deputies are looking at some strong leads, but are hoping the public will lend a helping hand.

All is quiet at this home on Lloyd Creek Road, but that was not the case Wednesday evening.

Jefferson County deputies say two armed men wearing ski masks and gloves approached a man working in his yard, demanding to get inside the home.

Sheriff David Hobbs said, "One of the suspects did come in and took the wife into the house in search of money. They struck the lady in the head numerous times. The husband and other suspect remained outside."

Sheriff Hobbs says while one of the gunmen was beating the woman inside the house, the second suspect and the husband were involved in a struggle outside. The man sustained injuries in the scuffle and was transported to the hospital.

News of the attack spread quickly in the rural community.

Shirley Reddick said, "I just got a phone call that someone had broken into a home down below from us. It was scary. We really made sure we locked up."

While residents are taking necessary precautions, authorities are looking vigilantly for the two men in order to bring residents some peace. Authorities have some leads but are encouraging residents to come forward if they think they can help crack this case.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 850-997-2523.