Beach Development

A huge development may forever change the future of Taylor County. A Tampa developer is looking to turn 3,700 acres into a coastal community.

Adam's Beach in Taylor County is a quiet tidal marsh that's home to more birds than people. That may change if a proposed development becomes reality.

"The developer is looking at up to 1000 residences, a deep water marina, public access to the gulf, and two golf courses," says Rick Breer, director of Taylor County Development.

Some estimate that the project could almost double the population of rural Taylor County.

"Taylor County has what's absolutely rare in Florida; miles of pristine coastline. This 3,700-acre proposed project would take up five miles of that coastline and have an incredible economic impact on the area."

The pros of the project's economic impact and the cons of the project's environmental impact leave many residents divided on the idea.

"I've lived here 25 years and I'm a long-time resident, but the people that have lived here all their lives that's going to be quite a change," says Melissa Brooks, a 25-year beach resident

"I'd just assume that they didn't put the developments in the area, not that big of a development. I think it's going to be a detriment to the area," says Carl Lowe, who’s opposed to development

There will be plenty of time for residents to debate. This proposed project first has to go through a regional impact study.

"This is a big entailed process. We're talking about up to five years in just the permitting," adds Rick Breer.

Golf course designer Jerry Pate has toured the property, saying it's a beautiful piece of land for a championship course.