"Drugs Destroy Dreams"

Latest figures from the federal government indicate more teens are saying yes to their futures, and no to drugs. The Department of Health and Human Services credits that trend to a push in education about the effects of drug use. It also commends organizations leading the fight against drugs.

The Tallahassee Urban League is in the forefront when it comes to keeping teens off drugs, and Monday they were joined by Florida Department of Corrections and the Department of Human Relations.

That brings this drug-fighting army up to ten organizations strong. These people are part of the force standing between your kids and drugs. Led by the Tallahassee Urban League, they are the leaders of the "drugs destroy dreams campaign."

"The Drugs Destroy Dreams Campaign is focused on forming a unified effort on combating drugs and crime in our city."

"This war is not over. This fight is not the sole responsibility of any one single group," adds Bill Montford, Leon County Schools Superintendent.

The campaign is different in that it's more than just education about drugs.

"It's a true and proud expression by those in our community that we care about our young," says Mayor Marks.

With the declining numbers in drug use among American teens, this army says, it won't stop until the number is zero.

"It's an issue that cries out each and everyday for each citizen in this community. This is a nationwide problem."

"We will not stand by idly and watch as our young people destroy their lives with drugs and crimes," adds Mayor Marks.

This Thursday, the Urban League will be having a donation drive at the Department of Corrections. If you're interested in helping, please call them at 222-6111.