New Start for Haitians?

Haitians living in the capital city are speaking out about the recent fall of their country's leader, President Jean Bertrand Aristide.

This comes as the United States increases its presence in Haiti, working to create a stable environment.

Many Haitians here are hopeful a new leader means a new start for their people. Frenel Stivern is a Haitian called to Tallahassee on a business trip forcing him to leave behind his wife and two kids.

In the midst of chaos, Stivern said, “I believe in God, God can protect them there.” Frenel is among many in the capital city with loved ones back in Haiti. Fearful of their survival- Frenel says his country's recent turmoil has left many families out of work and scrounging for food.

The reality hits hard among Haitians in Tallahassee. Joanne Mathias, FAMU Student, said, “The fact that my country's going through all this and I can't do anything about it- it hurts.”

But the hurting subsided a little when word spread across campus of the fall of Haiti's president Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Sandy Jeanphilippe, Haitian, FAMU Student, said, “I was like wow- this is the same man who said he's not leaving, he'll die before he'll resign.”

The Haitian cultural club in Tallahassee begins restoration efforts. It's holding a penny drive to gather money for Haitians back home.