Constitutional Amendment Against Gay Marriages

A constitutional ban on gay marriages in Georgia is going back on the agenda for the legislature.

This is happening after Gov. Sonny Perdue issued a statement today urging the protection of the institution of marriage.

The same-sex marriage ban was already rejected by the house last week, but the house voted Monday to reconsider the ban backed by Gov. Perdue.

Gay marriages has gained national attention in recent months and Gov. Perdue issued a statement Monday saying he does not want Georgia to be next in the domino effect.

Perdue wants to put this issue before voters on the November ballot.

Shirley Battle said, “If they are happy let them marry by all means lets focus on other issues war, child welfare other things that's going on in out nation, instead of gay people getting married leave them alone.”

Jean Prater said, “That's what we have to get back to the foundation that what our country in Canada was founded upon that's what the U.S. was founded on that institution of marriage, I don't want to see that under minded and destroyed.”

With gay marriages already being illegal in the state of Georgia, Thomas county's probate judge says she's never been asked to issue a marriage license to a homosexual couple. However, she has an idea why perdue is pushing for a constitutional admendment to ban gay marriages.

Vickie Burnette said, “I think the legislature wants to define marriage between one man and woman so that it will not be any controversy with courts so they will define what constitutes a marriage.” Perdue said state laws have been ignored by liberal activists and individual municipal offices.

The governor says the legislature trusts the citizens of Georgia to decide whether the sanctity of marriage should be preserved in the constitution.

On Monday a rally was held for the reconsideration of the amendment at the state capitol and thousands gathered in favor of the ban.