Pre-Session Party

Before legislators toss around serious issues affecting the state, lawmakers spent Monday popping champagne and feasting on shrimp cocktail.

Many who attended the party said it has been sort of a tradition to make this stop before the session begins.

It is the annual pre-session bash put on by associated industries, where close to 4,000 lawmakers, lobbyists and businessmen and women put aside their busy schedules and have a little fun.

Rep. Dwight Stansel, (D) Live Oak, said, “Kind of a kick-off the everything, and sometimes it takes some of the bad things about session, and kind of gives it a merry start and a little fun.”

Barbara Ferguson enjoyed the party. She said, “I'm having a great time. This is a great party, and a good way to start the session.”

Some at the party felt since this year is an election year, there will be a lot of outside distractions, in addition to the many important state issues at hand.

Dr. Donna Elam of the Florida Commission on Human Relations, said, “Each year is for a different reason. You're positioning yourself. You're showing your support. I believe this year that's going to be different. There area a lot of things happening these two days in Tallahassee, and we know that, We've been debriefing and preparing for that.”

Associated Industries has hosted the big bash at its present location on North Adams Street for 12 years, but has held their pre-session gathering for more than 25 years.