Soldiers Adjust to Life at Home

Tallahassee soldiers reunited with their families this past weekend are now settling in trying to adjust to life at home instead of life in a combat zone. Tuesday morning, students at North Florida Christian welcomed home National Guardsman.

CAPT David Johnson led students in the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem and then spoke briefly about his deployment in Baghdad.

Johnson's two daughters go to school at NFC, and now the whole family must once again adjust to dad being home.

You could call it Christmas in February. CAPT David Johnson has just returned safe and sound from a tour of duty in Baghdad.

The Johnson’s, like the families of soldiers all over town, are trying to adjust to each other again and to a life without fear of explosions or attack. While CAPT Johnson was planning security and patrols in Baghdad, his wife Paula was running the show here at home.

Counselor Kathleen Regan-Figley says it could take soldiers weeks or months to find their footing at home and their families must be patient.

Right now families like the Johnson’s are reveling in each other and confident that any bumps in the road are best handled together.

As for talking about combat and any trauma or tragedy a soldier has seen, counselor Regan-Figley says don't push, they'll talk if and when they're ready.