Heart Catheter Imaging System

Local health care has taken another step into the future, allowing doctors to digitally store important heart images. Valdosta's South Georgia Medical Center is now home to a fully modern heart catheter imaging system.

This is just one of South Georgia Medical Center's heart catheterization imaging systems. It allows doctors to get a virtual look at the health of any patient's heart.

"I think from a doctor's standpoint its an outstanding advance that we've made here at SGMC, and we're very proud of the improvements and the added benefits it has given the heart center," says Dr. Trey Powell, Cardiologist.

In addition to providing amazing visual guides, hospital executives say the new system provides information that can be stored digitally on computers.

"This fits in well with that and we're already storing on electronic media the images formed from the cath labs, using either tape or hard drive formats, we can recall the images," says Randy Sauls, SGMC CEO.

Doctors say the most important benefit is for South Georgia heart patients who don't have to travel out of the region for this kind of imaging.

"I think it makes it much easier on the families and its also much more rewarding for us to take care of our patients all the way through," says Dr. Powell.

And for many patients, being able to get quality health care close to home makes their recovery process just a little easier. Hospital managers say the new hi-tech imaging system will not lower patient cost. It will help provide the best medical treatment currently available.