A group of Rose City citizens says a year of tight budget crunches is no time to wonder where your tax dollars are going. A new citizens organization was formed to make sure the public knows just where their money is going.

The "Taxplayers", as the group calls themselves, are going to take the time that many taxpayers don't take to attend city and county meetings and read between the lines to find out where our taxes are really going.

April 15 is right around the corner, but do you really know what all your tax dollars are spent on each year? In Thomas County, a group of concerned citizens say they do.

The Taxplayers say during this tight budget crunch, many areas of spending should be done away with such as a proposed $100 a month pay increase for city council members."

"I just think the perception of city or county commissioners asking for a raise at this time is kind of not good," says Lloyd Eckberg, Taxplayer president.

Commissioners say the raise wouldn't take effect until January 2006 and is mainly an incentive to attract new council members, but the Taxplayers say now is the time to voice their support for what they call positive tax spending, such as the SPLOST and also negative spending.

The expense is spread over a large group of people and we don't want to see that being jeopardized by a lot of foolish spending on the part of anybody.

The group was just formed last month. They hope to see their group grow as time goes on. They are asking for a five percent reduction a year. They say they're not against salary increases. Hey feel the increase just isn’t accounted for in the pre-determined budget.