Governor Proposes Change to Early Childhood Programs

Gov. Perdue is backing a bill that will ensure every child who enters kindergarten from a daycare is ready for the transition.

Staff at Felix Street Day Care and Learning Center say what children acquire at this level of child care, lays the foundation for the child's journey through the educational system.

"We try to motivate the child, to mold them to be independent to get them prepared for school," says Ursula cone, director, Felix Street Daycare.

Gov. Perdue says to ensure a "greater culture of education", he's proposed combining Georgia's day care programs under the same umbrella as its pre-k programs, calling the collaboration "bright from the start".

"This way we will have everybody that monitors programs for children under one roof and then they'll have access to better funding, better training," says Shelia Bullington, pre-k director in Thomas County.

Bullington says some day care programs may be a little skeptical about the change, but wants them to know the idea will benefit a child's early learning process. Staff at Felix Day Care see the bigger picture and say they welcome the help.

"To me getting more training is important. The more training you have the more the child will learn."

Hopefully paving the way for a brighter path to success for Georgia's children. Under the proposed bill, pre-k programs will operate the same as they do now. Perdue says the bill will eliminate duplication in early childhood under different agencies so that more money goes directly to benefit early childhood learning.