FAMU Board of Trustees Votes on Athletic Issues

FAMU has hired Dr. Joe Ramsey to take over as interim athletic director, but also it was decision time to stay on path as a division 1-A institution or to take a step back and re-enter the world of 1-A.

Most thought that the move was imminent that the Rattlers would go back to 1-AA and back to the MEAC, and indeed the board voted 7-5 to go back to one 1-AA status.

Ramsey will be filling the void left by Dr. Lee as FAMU's interim athletic director, at least for a couple months. The school plans to hire a permanent AD by May 15. The job will not be an easy one, the mess within the athletic department is a substantial one and Dr. Ramsey's most difficult job will be to captain the FAMU ship through this very difficult storm.

"It's something I'm trained to do. I worked as an assistant athletic director for two years and on the NCAA committee for five years. My primary responsibility is to monitor the athletics and work with the staff members," said Dr. Joe Ramsey.