Lincoln High School Rape

School leaders want students to know they have a place to turn.

A 15-year-old Lincoln High School student claims she was sexually assaulted in a closet of the school's gym last week. Tuesday Lincoln's principal Martha Bunch says this type of incident is extremely rare on campus, but if it happens students should tell someone they trust.

"We have five counselors at our school, and we always encourage students anytime they have a concern to come on to an adult and let us know, because we will help them, in anyway that we can," says Martha Bunch.

John Paschal is a child and family therapist who's handled many sexual assault cases. He says if an assault is not appropriately dealt with it could lead to depression, anxiety and problems with future relationships.

"These events are going to happen, they have happened, they're going to continue to happen, the important thing is get help from the people they know and trust, they're are lots of people who are available now," says Paschal.

Paschal further says assault victims should turn to counselors, teachers and especially parents.

Sixteen-year-old Gregory Ramos has been accused in the crime. He's being held at the Juvenile Assessment Center.