Making Changes to Accommodate Students

Leaders of a local university want to see their surrounding community make some changes, to better accommodate students.

Administrators with Valdosta State say the azalea city needs to better focus on the large college student market.

"I think that Valdosta has such success with high school athletics, that it may be seen as more of a high school town and so we're trying to make it more of a college town."

That's why Valdosta State administrators are asking more local businesses to adopt more VSU Blazer themes.

They are also encouraging businesses to stay open later. Students say the change is long overdue.

"We're in college, you know, I mean we want to enjoy our freedom. Basically, if you want to make money, stay open late. If you want to make money, that's how I feel,” says VSU Sophomore Misty Franklin.

"I think that if there was more of a student involved life in the area, that more student would come here. We might get more funding, you know, a better diversified student body would be excellent,” comments VSU Junior Barrien Waters.

"Athens is a big college town they have a lot if good music venues, and we're really lacking in the music department, but the businesses here could learn from places like Athens,” says VSU Senior April Cox.

VSU administrators say they are optimistic that Valdosta businesses can make a few changes and really help the community develop more of a college town feel.

Students say creating that college town atmosphere is more important as the university tries to attract more students from around Georgia.