No Smoking in Valdosta


Monday was the first day of the non-smoking ban in Valdosta and some restaurant owners say they've already seen a turn for the worst.

The yellow signs posted on all public places indicate no smoking.

Restaurant owners say they've already seen fewer customers and the next thing walking out the door could be employees.

There's going to have to be some cuts somewhere.

Although some owners say they don't want to cut employees, They say they're stuck in a lose lose situation.

"We are talking about the survival of myself and this business and my 20 to 22 employees. I don't want 22 employees to be out of work and I'm sure no one on the city council does either,” says Eric Saunders, owner of Charlie O’Corley Restaurant.

Others however say why fix what’s not broken?

"If you give great service and give great food, I think smoking or not people are going to come in and eat and that is what we focus on. We just try to make our guest happy and non-smoking shouldn't be a huge issue for most people,” comments Ruby Tuesday District Manager Gary Fassl.

Huge issue or not, some owners say they're going to have to make some changes quickly or take a chance of losing their business.

If city council members decide to change the ordinance they have to wait 60 days to readdress the law.