Packaged With Care

A local woman's emotions changed from disappointment to disbelief after receiving notice that a care package she sent to a solider in Iraq was suspected to be lost in the mail.

Kathy Chatmon of Thomasville sent the package on November 10, and in late December got word that it did not arrive in Iraq. She says literally it was a sign from God that helped her learn what happen to that missing package.

On a regular basis, Kathy Chatmon sends care packages full of goodies to a soldier serving in Iraq, necessities, she says, he doesn't often get because his training in a remote area, but recently she found out that one of those packages had not been received.

"I went to the post office trying to see if anyone knew about this particular package to see what happened to the box. They couldn't find anything in their system,” says Kathy.

After months of trying to track the mail, Chatmon got a package from a SGT Frank Devine, who managed to find the return address from the original package. Inside was a Bible and a letter that explained the plane that was delivering her package came under enemy fire. His exact words: “We almost left seeing it as a combat loss, but I noticed a Bible in the debris.”

"He asked the pilot can he go back and get the bible he did and when he got it he felt that God was looking after soldiers in Iraq," says Kathy.

Chatmon says it's overwhelming to her that SGT Devine risked his safety to retrieve the Bible and take the time to send the package back to her, and now she has a whole new meaning of divine intervention.

Chatmon is not aware of the exact date of when the plane came under fire or where, but she does know that no one was seriously hurt in the crash.

Chatmon is actively trying to make contact with SGT Devine. She has the address of his location at Camp Anaconda in southern Iraq.