Storm Damage in Lake Park

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Crews are still cleaning up the aftermath of a storm that could have been much worse for several tourists.

A tree at least 100 feet in length came crashing down in the middle of the night at the Eagle's Roost RV Resort near I-75's exit 5.

No one was injured, but the tree blocked the entrance to the resort for a few hours Friday morning.

The tree crashed within 200 feet of where RV campers were resting for the night.

"In the middle of the night I felt the flickering of the lights in the camper, we got night lights in the camper. [I] woke up [and] didn't feel that much wind and all of the sudden the lights went out," says William Bardorf, an RV camper visiting from Ohio.
Elsewhere in Lake Park, there were reports of trees falling and hitting some power lines.

Lowndes County officials report no injuries at this time.