Storm Survivor Madison County

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Scott Singletary says he saw the storm approaching and quickly took his wife and two young daughters inside a closet in their home.

Singletary radioed Madison Emergency Management, informing them there could be major damage once the cell touches down.

The tornado tore down trees in its path and just before getting to Singletary's home, made a beeline to an adjacent property.

"I was scared,” Singletary said. “It's just a feeling you hear and you feel, but there's no way to hide from it, no where to go. Situations like this make me glad I’m right with the Lord. If I have to go I have to go, but I’m not ready. I’m glad he spared me and my family."

Just a few blocks away, a white car was totaled. Owners say two huge pine trees crashed down on it, caving the roof and smashing its windows.

Cherry Lake residents say they're just happy there are no deaths or injuries in the area.