WWII Vet Flies the Skies After 60 Years

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A direct hit to his plane caused the then 19-year-old Jerome Brill to jump for his life. He spent the next year in a Nazi prison camp. Now the 82-year old Brill returned to the sky for the first time since, in a B-24 Liberator Bomber.

"That was the most exciting thing I've done in years. I sat in exactly the same spot on this flight like we were flying combat missions. There's the radio station was right there behind it. The pilot and co-pilot and everything was just like nothing changed," said Jerome Brill.

Brill served in the Air Force as a Radio Operator and Machine Gunner. With his 83rd birthday approaching, Brill got one of the greatest gifts of his lifetime.

"We been out before when they had a B-24 and they let us get in there and just walk around, that's all. But this time my daughter said between you and me we'll pay for him to get on and really take a ride," said Rosalind Brill, Jerome Brill's wife.

Brill's war resume includes 13 missions aboard a B-24. On Friday he participated in one more. A mission over Tallahassee in the last flying B-24 Liberator Bomber in the world.

"There's some memories are the most precious things that you ever have and this is got to be one of the tops on my list," added Jerome Brill.