Internet Clinicals at Archbold

Doctors are now using a new system that puts up-to-date clinical information at their fingertips.

Up till now, physicians at Archbold would have to visit their medical library to find answers to certain health questions to treat patients, extensively searching through dated resources or Internet sites.

"Some are good, some are not, you have to sit there and click through each individual paper and see where the authors are from and find the more valid ones," says Wesley Simms, Chief of Staff at Archbold.

Archbold's new system appropriately called "Up-to-Date", puts the equivalent of an entire medical library all on one website, with the latest medical reviews on every medical topic, from institutions like Harvard university.

"It gives factual information as opposed to doing a Med Life search where one receives journal article sites to answer the question. The format of Up-to-Date is in book format, and paragraph form," says Susan Leik, medical librarian at Archbold Medical.

"The time that they take to sort through the available references to come up with these, it would take me hours as opposed to just looking it up and reading it," adds Wesley Simms.

Physicians say the credibility of the authors on the website makes them confident about using "Up-to-Date", keeping in touch with the constantly changing advances in the world of medicine.

Physicians say patient education is another benefit of Up-to-Date. If a patient wants documents about certain health conditions or medications, they're available upon request.