Remembering a Political Leader

Wednesday Morning, County Commissioner Bill McGill passed away at the age of 70.

As we made our way into town, word was starting to spread that Bill McGill had passed away. Those spoken to describe him as a compassionate leader and the driving force behind several county projects.

An empty chair sits in the Gadsden County Board of County Commission chambers, where a man full of passion for his community sat for more than a decade.

"His heart for his districts and his county as a whole he worked tirelessly for his county make better as a whole," said County Manager Howard McKinnon.

William Bill McGill passed away Wednesday morning after a battle with cancer, but friends and fellow commissioners say even in death his legacy will live on in the many projects he nurtured and brought to life.

"Best ship program thanks for McGill, just secured a ten million dollar grant for paving of roads, 100 miles in three years," said County Commissioner Ed Dixon.

Besides an advocate for road paving programs, McGill also had a soft spot for the senior citizens in his district, lobbying the legislature every year for money to weatherize the homes of low-income seniors.

"Remind us a group of people needed help and we always look for him, and I think we will always be looking for Bill," said Sen. Al Lawson.

Sen. Lawson said he was like a father figure to him all through high school and even in the legislature. I asked people if they could describe McGill in one word and several people said a fast talker. His mind was moving so quickly that his mouth had to keep up.

Funeral arrangements have not been announced yet, but people are wondering where they will hold a service to accommodate the number of people expected to turn out because he touched so many lives.