Mixed Feelings

Shock waves continue to ripple through the FAMU campus as trustees put the Rattlers move to division I-A on hold. It certainly has financial implications for the school and people are wondering where FAMU goes from here.

Many of the students on campus are upset with the decision, while other residents seem to understand why FAMU president Fred Gainous wanted to stop the move.

Wednesday morning at Florida A&M University the news was everywhere. Copies of the school's newspaper were in limited supply, as the front page pretty much laid out FAMU's football future.

"I thought we were soft. I thought we were scared to go I-A, that's what I thought," said C.J. Chapelle.

"We don't look bad but, then again it kinda looks like we were setting a tone for other Black colleges to follow. It's like we're going back to where we started," added Natasha Harris.

Many FAMU students say they're always happy to be a part of the MEAC conference, but they were really looking forward to a future in I-A.

"I was kind of disappointed in the decision given, that with a I-A football program you could bring in a lot of revenue for the school. If you look at FSU & UF, a lot of revenue for the schools are created through their football program," said Rod Owens.

Silas Moten has lived in Tallahassee all of his life and has followed FAMU's football program intently. He says that he and many Rattler alum agree with the president that a move is not the best choice.

"We'll be happy going back, where we were, we have a long way to go but we'll make it back, and we'll do better back," says Silas.

Although the board voted not to proceed, president Gainous still feels the move to division I-A will eventually be a good one, but just not at this time. During Tuesday’s board meeting, Gainous gave a number of about three years delay.