Three Heads Are Better Than One

A Tallahassee school is using triple the guiding power to help students succeed.

As the old saying goes, “two heads are better than one”, but in this case it seems three heads make more sense.

Dorothy Rumenik, Janice Marsh and Harriett Williams are Gilchrist guidance counselors. It's a time consuming job that if left to one person would take a bite out of the day.

"I would never be able to take care of the crises that come up, with development concerns," Dorothy says.

A trio of guiding hands helps kids grow through character education, and parents pursue the proper channels to make that happen for their children.

"Finding parents need more resources, having problems in home, family, or maybe need food and shelter," says Janice.

Gilchrist is the only elementary school with three counselors. The leading ladies say they bounce off of one another and where one ends the other begins.

"Helps you in decision making process all on your shoulder. You don't go home thinking did I do harm or help them," says Harriett.

Three guidance counselors in one elementary school are unique to Leon County and most school districts.