"We Don't Want the Waste!"

A waste disposable plant is in the works in Berrien County and some folks are protesting the move.

The Berrien County Zoning Board approved a location for a disposable waste plant, and now residents are speaking out because they say it could be harmful to their health.

"This is just a big surprise to me that any of our leaders would even consider this kind of operation."

The waste plant includes disposing of several different materials including medical waste, certain types of explosives and solid waste.

Residents say these materials are the reason they don't want it in their back yards.

"They're going to give us a contract, but you know a contract is just a piece of paper and if someone breeches the contract then it's on to court and Berrien County is not ready for that."

Residents have filled out a petition to keep the waste transplant from being built. They say there biggest fear is the waste would spill into the ditches and pollute their water sources.

"We're concerned about this trash if this gets stacked up, your looking at a four acre site holding 100 tons of trash if this facility looks to brake down and we have trash stacked up, one or two inches of rain and all the runoff will be going in our ditches and ground water.

Residents are hoping they can convince commissioners to move the idea of a waste plant not to Berrien County, but instead to the trash.

If you’re interested in voicing your opinion there will be a public hearing in Berrien County on April 5.