Kidnapping Arrest

Tallahassee police had to call for backup Wednesday morning as they tried to stop a kidnapping in progress. Officials say what started as domestic violence almost ended in tragedy.

Police officials now have a man in custody that, they say, abused and was thinking of killing his girlfriend.

Kelvin Brown, 25, is now in police custody after officials say he beat and kidnapped his pregnant girlfriend. Officials say Brown and the victim got into a heated argument at the Shoney’s Inn.

Afterward, officials say Brown got into the victim’s car and tried driving off. That’s when the victim attempted to stop him and got inside the car.

Police spotted their car at Tennessee Street and Capitol Circle. Officials say the woman was hanging from a window screaming for help.

"The officers assumed since the woman was hanging out of a window screaming for help that she was being held against here will," says Stewart Clendinen, TPD spokesperson.

Officials say Brown stopped the car at Ridge Way and Harris Street and fled on foot. They say he then headed to his mother’s home on Roswell Drive where he was later arrested. Brown’s mother defended her son and said Brown and the victim did not have a good relationship.

"It's no relationship. She uses Kelvin. Kelvin uses her. There is no relationship."

Following the incident, the victim was taken to Tallahassee Memorial with only minor facial injuries. Brown’s charges include aggravated battery on a pregnant victim, felony battery and auto theft.