Be Prepared for the Worst

Tornado season is upon us, and hurricane season is right around the corner. Area emergency workers say one of the greatest dangers we face is not being prepared for a natural disaster to strike.

Whereas meteorologists can spot a hurricane in advance, tornados are a main concern because those storms stir up very unexpectedly.

Emergency workers say now is the time to stock up on food, water, flashlights and blankets to be ready!

In an instant, a natural disaster can strike and ruin lives. Red Cross workers say it takes the effort of a whole community to pull together after a natural disaster strikes. They say while we're in the heart of tornado season and hurricane season soon approaching, now is the time to get ready.

"We are implementing disaster teams so we can send them out to fires and they'll be prepared for when a major community disaster strikes," says Lisa Carroll, Executive Director of the American Red Cross.

Emergency workers say a disaster can strike at any time, so they stay stocked with supplies, ready to run out the door in an instant if an emergency occurs, and they say you should do the same also.

Red Cross workers say every city should have an emergency plan in case of a tornado or hurricane so victims know where to turn as soon as possible.

"Businesses need to get involved because they have the resources, the warehouse space, shelter space. they have access to 40,000 pounds of ice," says Hanna Buckley, a board member for the American Red Cross.

Experts say these are the kinds of things that have to be considered ahead of time. If you think a natural disaster can't happen to you, you could be in more danger than someone who is prepared.

March is National Red Cross Month. They say it's right between tornado season, which starts February 1, and hurricane season, which starts June 1.

The Thomasville chapter has a special fundraiser going on this month to raise money for emergency supplies. On March 19 the Red Cross is sponsoring "dress down day". Folks can buy special t-shirts to wear and they will receive discounts at area businesses.

For more information, call the Red Cross at 229-226-2181.