Log on to Win

Wednesday we told you about a proposed bill that could make playing the lottery more convenient by simply logging onto a website. The Georgia House has approved that bill and it could now be on its way to becoming a reality.

Many Georgia lotto players say when the jackpot hits the Mega Millions it's more than their lucky numbers that they gamble. They're also gambling with their precious time.

"It's too crowded, congested people shopping buying gas and all that, it's really inconvenient," says Albany resident, Joe Davis.

For that reason, the idea of an online Lottery website is good news for some, but others say it may not be as convenient..

"If you don't have a computer you can't log on, it'll just be better to go to the store and go inside and fill out your card," says Kevin Curtis, a Georgia Lotto player.

Lawmakers are looking for ways to boost lottery revenue, to avoid cutting Georgia's scholarship and pre-k programs. Educators say while school programs would benefit greatly from those sales there are other things to consider.

"It would be less responsible of me to not have a social consciousness about the promotion of gambling. It's with mixed reserves that I would say keep in mind the unintended consequences that might promote gambling," says Sabrina Boykins-Everett, superintendent of Thomasville schools.

While there may be mixed feelings, what most say they do bet on are the dollar signs through increased sales.

"Yes all the people that don't want people to know they're buying lottery tickets, they can sneak at home and buy them," adds Joe Davis.

With the "Georgia peach account" people would use a debit or credit card to play their numbers. If this is approved, it's expected to be set up in late 2006.